It was the Boston Pobble who reminded me that we can have both-and and that it doesn't need to be either-or.

When I first suggested that we get an electric pressure cooker, Terry objected saying that she liked my old stove-top pressure cooker with the jiggling weight regulator on top. It reminded her of growing up in the mountains and her grandmother's pressure cooker.

When I became convinced that an electric pressure cooker would be a real boone to our weeknight workday cooking I told Terry that it could be both-and. We'll keep my stove-top pressure cooker with its "old style jiggling pressure regulator" (to quote a pressure cooker guru who will go unnamed) and use it for beans. But we can buy an electric one too.

It's worked out well.

When I was having a hankering for Chicken Cacciatore from one of my new Pressure Cooker cookbooks, Terry said she wanted veggies. I followed the recipe and threw in some veggies as well.


Thank you Boston Pobble. (And Tahoe Mom's husband Dean for having done all of the advance work and making it an easy process for me.)

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