pressure cooker Thanksgiving

Normally we have plenty of capacity in our kitchen. But yesterday was Thanksgiving. We usually roast our Turkey, but Terry had a butternut squash recipe that she wanted to do in the oven, and I wanted to see how our Turkey breast would come out in the pressure cooker. So we were different this year.

Terry did the squash in the oven. I did the turkey breast in the pressure cooker with a cajun rub and sherry. Terry did her spinach, poached pear and pomegranate salad. I made Yukon Gold mashed potatoes and at the last minute decided we needed rolls from scratch. We had cranberry sauce on hand and Trader Joe's turkey gravy. We pulled a Navarro Gewurztraminer out of our wine cooler.

It all came together, and came together manificiently. We've had some marvelous Thanksgiving dinners, but I think we outdid ourselves this year.

What a great day and so much to be thankful for!

(promised Advent blog on Monday)

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