a Sonoma state of mind

One of the things that Terry and I do well is that when we get away it's often to a place where the pace of life is slower and you really just have step back, breathe deeply, and take it easy.

That's how it was in Sonoma. The pace of life is just generally slower there.

When we had lunch Thursday at Pizzeria Capri Ristorante on our way into town, I had to go find the waitress to get our check. We were the only ones left in the restaurant so she wasn't out and about the floor. She said, "You ate fast." Now I didn't think we ate our lunch any faster than we normally do, but there you are. That's Sonoma.

Add to that the fact that we had rain on Thursday, and just plain cold, cloudy, gray weather on Friday, there was not a lot of motivation to be out and about. We might well have gone exploring and wine tasting. Instead we slept late, had breakfast, and then went across the street to Barking Dog Coffee, a small espresso shop frequented by locals.

Jacket2After that we went next door to a cowboy gear shop. My eye was caught by a really nice Pendleton jacket. Not something I would normally consider, but given the the place and the weather, I was thinking differently. I had told Terry that for Christmas I wanted a new jeans jacket. I asked her if she'd get that for me instead. She loved the jacket and was all too happy to do so. More money than we'd usually spend, but high quality and something that will last.

Friday afternoon Terry napped and then went off to her spa treatment. I wrote.

Dinner at the Santé Restaurant was relaxed and leisurely. The food, by the way, was exquisite and the service impeccable. Our courses arrived in front of each of us in perfect synchronization. Amazing. We both thought that Santé outdid the Ahwahnee, and that's saying an awful lot. The entire experience took the better part of ninety minutes. Slower and more relaxed.

A way of thinking to bring home with me. And I have a new jacket to help remind me to maintain that Sonoma state of mind.

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