photography and writing

I had one of those associative memory moments on Saturday evening. I was pulling out our Yosemite Lodge wine glasses, and I thought about our last trip there. We didn't get a room in the building we prefer and always request, but rather in another building which happened to be next to the bus turnaround. And there were a lot of buses. We had had one of those middle-aged moments when we made our reservations, and had made them for the week before Memorial Day, instead of two weeks before when we usually go. Yosemite was crowded to say the least. Not our favorite Yosemite trip by any means.

As usual I took a lot of pictures. I shared them online with my colleagues at work. One of them commented, "How peaceful and serene." Not at all.

I realized on Saturday as I was pulling out the wine glasses that when I take photographs I lie. And when I write I don't.

Now I don't use Photoshop to take an image of the moon from one picture and put into another where the moon wasn't. But when I frame a shot, I do so as to remove as much evidence of people and man-made structures as possible. And when I get home I will use Photoshop to remove signs, overhead wires, and sometimes people.

When I write, I write truthfully. I do, as I have said, reserve the right to make omissions. But whatever I do say is true to the best of my understanding, belief, or recollection.

It's an interesting dichotomy I hadn't considered before. Or maybe not a dichotomy at all, in the context of "omission."

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