living by the liturgical calendar

I recently added bookmarks to two Episcopal liturgical calendars to my Web browser. The only thing surprising about that is that I've only done so now. I've had the Episcopal Church Year Guide Kalendar on my wall almost as long as I've been taking part in liturgical worship. Not long ago I added an Episcopal liturgical calendar app to my Devour Android phone.

I have, in fact, been consulting the liturgical calendar to plan events in my life for quite a long time. In 1999 I travelled to India on business in December and missed church two Sundays in Advent. It really felt like I had missed Advent altogether. When we go away for Terry's birthday, which is December 2, I try to make it a Friday night and Saturday night so I don't miss a Sunday in Advent. Advent is just too short to miss a Sunday.

Of course often it's more a matter of luck than planning. We decided to go to our favorite B&B in Montara for President's Day next year, which puts us at the Eighth Sunday after Epiphany. (Have you noticed how long the season after Epiphany is in 2011, and how late Ash Wednesday and Easter are?)

My high school class reunion is April 30. May 1 is the Second Sunday of Easter. Not a great Sunday to miss, but not a horrible one either. At least that should put us at home for the Third Sunday of Easter and the Emmaus story — Year A being the only time in the three year cycle we get that passage on a Sunday morning.

Our Alaska cruise and rail tour from May 18 to 28 keeps me away from church the Sixth and Seventh Sundays of Easter, which would have me back for worship on the Seventh Sunday of Easter and Pentecost.

As I said, in large part luck. But at least I'm paying attention.

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