ocean time

A few months back, Terry was getting frustrated with the aggravations at work and went to the ocean to de-stress. She spent some time wandering around the village of Capitola, just south of Santa Cruz. In a jewelry store there she found a pendant that she wanted for Christmas. She had the sales person send me a card noting what she had asked for.

The problem was I knew there was no way I was going to get over to Capitola by myself before Christmas. So I told her that we'd go over there after Christmas and get it for her as her Christmas present. Between the various rain storms coming in and other things we needed to do this week, today was our only option. So, taking advantage of a break in the rain, sort of, we headed over there today. Only to find the store closed between Christmas and New Year's.

That was OK. We spent a little time by the beach (it was cold, wet, and blustery) and had lunch at the storied Zelda's, right on the ocean (from where the picture below was taken). I realized that I hadn't been to the ocean since our trip to our favorite B&B in Montara in February.

That is not a pattern I want to maintain. The ocean is so relaxing and healing and soothing for me. And I have no excuse. We're less than 45 minutes from the nearest beach.

Whatever other New Year's resolutions I may choose to make or not make, and whichever ones I may actually keep, here's one that I am making and intend to keep: more time at the ocean in 2011.

You have that here on record.


One Comment on “ocean time”

  1. Tahoe Mom says:

    Oh Mike, I Knew I liked you and Terry!! I too go to the ocean for peace, meditation, Being. The Ocean is The Womb. I love it ~ and do not get there as often as I would like. The lake is not the same although I enjoy its shore. Enjoy your time and keep your resolution for 2011. I will enjoy hearing about each and every trip.

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