a light to the Kindle

You wouldn't think that getting good light on my Kindle would be tough, but it is.

When I first got my second-generation Kindle, I immediately found that the light I used with my old first-generation Kindle was too heavy and bulky for the newer design. So I bought a light that was suggested with the newer Kindle. That didn't work out very well – it didn't provide enough light, and it was hard to adjust.

One day were browsing our local independent used bookseller, and I saw a small Mighty Bright that looked appropriate. It started off well, but turned out to have a very short battery life, and the bright light became dim very quickly. Not to mention that the required battery wasn't available everywhere.

I tried using the high-intensity lamp I've had since I was a kid, and that provided good light, but was awkward to pull out and put back into the headboard each time, and I could only use it while sitting on the bed.

I tried using the Kindle application for my laptop, and that actually worked very well. But when I want to read I really want to put away my computer and read.

I looked once again on Amazon, and saw a Verso Rechargeable Arc Light, which looked really nice. Plus I like the rechargeable part. Very confusing as to how it opened up, and it quit working before I even had it properly seated on my Kindle.

I returned that and bought a Verso Rechargeable Wrap Light. Same light, different design. It lights up the Kindle very well and recharges on my computer USB port. When the charge runs out it doesn't get dim for a prolonged time, it switches off. So far, so good.

What's amazing is that when you read the Amazon reviews, how many people struggle to find the right light and go through multiple lights before finding the right one. I guess one solution would be to buy the third-generation Kindle, which promises much better contrast. But that seems extravagant and wasteful, since I'm already on my second. And then what do I do when the color Kindle comes out?

I think my current setup will work fine for now. 

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