customer service (or lack thereof)

I appreciate the recent rant in Pearls Before Swine on customer service. We certainly have experienced enough poor customer service to relate. Diogerat


Last spring we bought a new dishwasher. Really, we wouldn't have needed a new dishwasher, except that the contractor who remodeled our kitchen a few years ago didn't properly secure our trusty KitchenAid, so its motion gradually led to deteriorating performance.

We bought a Bosch which worked fine for a while, but gradually it began to not work well, not getting dishes clean, leaving a film on glassware, and calcium buildup on utensils. We had a service man out and he told us that there there was nothing wrong with the dishwasher – we just weren't using it right. Sure. But we did implement some of his suggestions, though to little avail.

This month we decided to take the hit and replace it. We first went to Lowe's, where we bought the Bosch, thinking we might be able to get a better price given our experience. But the employee on duty in the department (I wouldn't call him a salesperson) wasn't terribly impressive. He wouldn't approach customers who were obviously seriously looking at appliances, and when someone did have a question for him, he would shout the answer over two rows of appliances, rather than walking over to the customer.

So we went over to Best Buy. The sales person was very helpful, and we found an LG that we thought would do the job well. Turned out he wasn't quite so with it after all. When we didn't get a phone call confirming a delivery window, we called and were told that the sales person had treated the sale as if the dishwasher were coming from the distribution center when in fact it was at the local store. We got that taken care of, and got it delivered. We had installation scheduled for Friday. When the installer called us to set a time, he told us he did Gilroy on Mondays, and had been doing so for four years. sigh

On a cheerier note, the dishwasher was installed on Monday by two guys who knew what they were doing, and did a quality, efficient job. It looks really good in its spot under the counter. And so far it is performing very well and very much up to expectation. I hope you'll forgive the cliché, but it does seem to apply here: all's well that ends well.

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