Terry and I enjoy having fish as a regular part of our diet. Getting good fish, though, is tough since we lost Poppy's last June. The fish in our local grocery stores is less then stellar. I thought Safeway frozen fish might be an option, but our recent experience with that is that is has an "old" taste to it.

We were delighted when Whole Foods opened a store in south San Jose, very much on our way home when we're up in that area. But results there are mixed. We got some sea bass that had an old taste to it, though the last halibut we got was quite good. Up in Los Altos there's Andronico's, which always has good fish. That's very close to Terry's health care professionals and is on her way home when seeing her San Mateo County and North Bay customers.

On Saturday we went over to Capitola to pick up Terry's custom pendant (turned out wonderful!), so we buzzed down to Moss Landing and the famous Phil's fish market. We got scallops and shrimp (which Terry turned into a marvelous dinner) and halibut which I sealed up and froze for, probably, next Saturday.

So there's options. But getting good seafood just isn't as easy as when we had Poppy's around.

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