high tech isn’t always best

People who know me know that if there is a high tech way of doing something and a low tech way, I'll take the high tech way.

When I get my prescription refills, I'll use the online Web form rather that dropping them by the pharmacy. But this creates a couple of problems. The prescription doesn't go to my local pharmacy, but to a central location. When refills got down to one, they would request a renewal from my doctor. But when the refills hit zero a new prescription number was generated, and the approved renewal was tied with the old prescription number, not the new one. Then they changed the system so when I requested a refill, it didn't notice there was a new prescription number after a renewal replacing the old, and my refill request went into a void somewhere. I now drop off my refill requests at the local pharmacy.

My hearing aid has an iCom device that allows it to connect with other devices, either by Bluetooth or cable. I've always attached a Bluetooth device to my iPod when walking Tasha, but those devices like to turn off the iPod arbitrarily and for no good reason when they are even slightly jostled around, as happens when out with Tasha on the leash. More recently, I've been using the cable, which doesn't have that problem.

High tech, as much as I hate to admit it, isn't always best.

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