Kindle update

Kindle I'm pleased to say that my new Kindle light has worked out every bit as well as I had hoped. It has a nice, bright light that covers the entire reading area, and it does not get dimmer as the charge goes down. When the charge runs out, poof!, it goes off. I connect it to the USB port on my desktop computer and after several hours it's ready to go again. Love it!

Of course, my case of Kindle Overwhelm has not improved in the least. It's just gotten worse. I keep accumulating samples (as you can see) at a rate faster than I finish books. The nice thing is that when I'm ready to buy a book it's right there on my Kindle, and just a couple of clicks away. (Well, except for the samples on my Android, but even those I can send to my Kindle with just a couple of taps.)

One thing I can be sure of: I'm not going to run out of things to read any time soon.

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