Goose & Turrets 2011

G&T A reflection from our Goose & Turrets Getaway — Presidents' Day Weekend 2011

It's been just about a year exactly since we were last at the Goose & Turrets, our favorite Bed and Breakfast in Montara, between Half Moon Bay and Pacifica on the California coast. Somehow we didn't make it there in 2009, and that's not a omission we like to make.

Whatever else is going on in our lives, coming here to visit slows us down and allows us to lower our shoulders considerably. The conversation with the owners, Raymond and Emily, is always fascinating, and we always learn something new. (And besides, we share similar political beliefs: "If Sarah Palin is elected, the kids will get the inn sooner than they expected. We just won't return from our visit to France!") The breakfasts are superb, and there's a variety of area restaurants for a marvelous dinner. There's plenty of rugged, roaring beaches that allow me to stop, breathe deeply, and absorb the grandeur.

There's lots of places we haven't visited that we would love to, but there's so much to keep bringing us back here.

One Comment on “Goose & Turrets 2011”

  1. […] always love going there, because, the wireless Internet access notwithstanding, it is a place of quiet, serenity, and calm. […]

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