without camera

G&T A reflection from our Goose & Turrets Getaway — Presidents' Day Weekend 2011

I did something on this trip that I've never done since I've been seriously taking photographs. I deliberately left my camera at home.

I wrote last fall about how my passion for photography had diminished, and about how I was becoming more interested in writing the best paragraph than in taking the best picture.

My camera bag could become more of a boat anchor for me than something that holds the brushes and paints (if you will) that I enjoy using to capture a moment. As I noted when writing about Burney Falls last autumn, “I would be so focused on getting the right picture that I would almost lose sight of the moment right then and there.” I caught a whiff of getting beyond that at Burney Falls.

On this trip, we headed out to the Fitzgerald Marine Reserve, Terry with her new Canon SD4500 IS pocket camera which we bought for our Alaska cruise and rail trip in May, me with no camera at all. I savored the moment. I absorbed the pounding of the waves at high tide. I breathed deeply in the stiff breeze. I watched the elephant seals resting.

It was marvelous.

This is not to say that I'm giving up photography entirely. It is to say that I'm giving it a different perspective and priority.

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