writing style

Recently my treadmill Great Courses DVD viewing was Building Great Sentences. The premise of the course was that the best sentences are those which use a base clause followed by free modifiers and which avoid subordinate clauses. It's called cumulative syntax. It probably didn't take 24 lectures to make that point, but that's what it was. In any case, after having viewed all 24 sessions, I wonder, really, whether such an approach makes sense at all for a blog writer.

I sit down at my keyboard, thinking, my mind whirling, considering topics, wondering whether the subject matter will interest my readers, becoming anxious, asking myself if such an entry will engage Tahoe Mom, the Boston Pobble, and Fran.

Cumulative syntax has its uses, but it somehow just doesn't seem to fit here.

One Comment on “writing style”

  1. Tahoe Mom says:

    Wow! At least you know how to create cumulative syntax! I appreciate being included and glad I am not being overwhelmed by your creativity in every blog. I like being told what you are thinking and how you are responding to life. Simple. Although that is a Really good sentence. 😀

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