G&T A reflection from our Goose & Turrets Getaway — Presidents' Day Weekend 2011

The last few times we've visited the Goose & Turrets we have been the only guests. One time there was one other guest there for one night. We really love Emily and Raymond and in one selfish respect it's nice to have them to ourselves. On the other hand, one of the pleasures of visiting a B&B is the people you meet. At the G&T tea is served every afternoon, which provides an opportunity to visit with other guests. Breakfast, unlike many such places where each couple has their own table, is served at just two tables, and if the inn is not full, only the one long table is set. So one really can't help but engage in conversation.

This trip there were other guests and I'd forgotten how much fun that is. We met a grandmother helping her daughter with a new baby, a mother-daughter pair who were very engaging, and a young Silicon Valley couple who were being given a night away from their three year-old by another very generous grandmother. Conversation at breakfast can be lively and you never know where it will lead.

If you haven't had the opportunity to take a night or two at a bed and breakfast, treat yourself when you get the chance. And if you're in the vicinity of the Northern California coast, make it the Goose & Turrets.

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