a different approach

I made a big shift in perspective last week.

I've written here about how my interest in photography isn't what it once was, and about my desire to focus on my writing. This, of course, becomes closely tied to what I carry to Alaska with me when Terry and I go there in May. I wasn't all that excited about carrying my camera bag on the trip. After our Montara weekend, and seeing Terry use her new Canon SD4500 IS I decided there was no reason for me Sx210is not to take something similar to Alaska. When we got home I ordered a Canon SX210IS.

The camera arrived Thursday, and so far I love it. It has a lot of features, more than I expected. I have to say the paradigm is different from what I am used to, and that will take some, well, getting used to. When I moved from my Nikon film N80 to my digital D70 in 2004 the process was nearly seamless. The cameras functioned in a very similar manner. The D70, I understand, was, in fact, modeled on the N80.

IMG_0008 A pocket digital, though, is designed from the ground up as a pocket digital, and so functions on a different working model. That's fine though. I'll adapt. In fact, I'm excited. It's a liberating thought to be taking take the Canon to Alaska, rather that lugging my camera bag with my D70 body, four lenses, two  hoods, multiple filters, cleaning tools, and a partridge in a pear tree.

It's a new perspective indeed. I'll keep you updated.

One Comment on “a different approach”

  1. Tahoe Mom says:

    Interesting because when I first saw your title I thought you had decided to work on writing about your pictures. I think you will enjoy a camera that can be tucked in your pocket – those pear trees can get sticky in there – and I look forward to the narration that will accompany the pictures you take.

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