dining on the coast

G&T A reflection from our Goose & Turrets Getaway — Presidents' Day Weekend 2011

Terry and I have long been known to dress up a little for dinner, even when others tend not to. I am, after all, the guy who complained that civilization was coming to an end because the Ahwahnee restaurant in Yosemite let in a man wearing a Hawaiian shirt. On our recent trips to Montara we have pretty much given up the practice of dressing up, simply due to the casual nature of that part of the California coast.

On Saturday of this trip we paid our first visit to La Costanera, just down the street from the Goose & Turrets. It's right on Highway One, overlooking Montara State Beach. The building for many years housed a Chart House restaurant. It's now a Peruvian restaurant which opened in late 2009, and has developed a fine reputation—very well deserved, as we discovered. What surprised us, though, was that everyone there was dressed up. Except us. I felt a little bad, though it was probably in part karma for all my years of snobbery. Raymond at the G&T suggested that many patrons drive down from San Francisco, which would make sense.

On Sunday we went to an old standby, Cafe Gibraltar in El Granada. (Both restaurants, by the way are Zagat rated. It's probably the first time Terry and I have eaten at Zagat rated restaurants two nights in a row, and something we're not likely to make a habit of.) At Gibraltar there was a reasonable share of dressed-up people, but certainly more of the mix we are used to seeing Coastside (as the San Mateo County coast is called).

We certainly had two evenings of fine dining, and it's nice to know that people still take the time to dress up to go out to dinner, even if it was a lesson learned at our expense.

One Comment on “dining on the coast”

  1. Tahoe Mom says:

    The other side of that coin: the night we were at a lovely outdoor concert here in Tahoe and I saw a man in a coat and tie. My first thought: well, he’s certainly from out of town. And sure enough, he had driven up from San Francisco. 🙂

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