Lent reflections

There were some wonderful thoughts out there yesterday for Ash Wednesday.

I really appreciated Fr. Phil's suggestion at St. John the Divine that "Remember that you are dust and that to dust you shall return" is not a morbid focus on our mortality, but is to help us to remember to cherish our life in our bodies, here and now, today.

At All Saints' Pasadena, Susan Russell said that we are not to give up social justice for Lent. That it is not about "giving up twitter or Starbucks or Girl Scout Cookies. It's about giving up anything that gets in the way of our being aligned with God's love and God's justice and God's compassion."

Watch the whole sermon. It will be well worth your ten minutes.

A blessed and meaningful Lent to you.



One Comment on “Lent reflections”

  1. Boston Pobble says:

    I have never understood why it was considered morbid to acknowledge our mortality. To dwell on it, to obsess over how it may arrive, to wallow in angst about it ~ sure. All of that crosses a line. But to acknowlege it, accept it, and enjoy our lives better because of it? Amen and Blessed Be to that!

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