twenty years

One of the reasons Terry and I decided to do our Alaska cruise and rail tour this year was that, while 2011 is our seventeenth wedding anniversary, it represents twenty years together.

We got (back) together Easter weekend 1991, which that year was the last Sunday of March. So we decided to do something special on Saturday to mark to occasion.

We'd both had a rough week, so we slept late. Before getting out of bed we…oh, you're adults — you get it. For breakfast I squeezed fresh oranges for orange juice and Terry made a marvelous scramble with chicken pesto sausage.

We got cleaned up and dressed up for dinner, and went out to Giancarlos, a small but storied Italian restaurant up the road in Morgan Hill. In all the time we've been in Gilroy we'd only been there once before, fairly recently. The food and the service were wonderful. We each selected a very pleasant glass of wine from the wine list.

When we came home we opened a bottle of Navarro wine, as my dad had just gotten us a case for our anniversary.

It was a most enjoyable day. We're looking forward to continuing our 20-year celebration on our Alaska trip in May.

(And, oh yes, if you're wondering about the "(back) together" reference, more on that later this week.)

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