print, print, print

I've written before about how I've cut back on magazine subscriptions. I've eliminated all of our cooking magazines except for two. I've eliminated all of my photography magazines except for one. I've Print discontinued several other magazines. I did this in part to save money when our former CEO cut salaries a couple of years ago. I did it in part because some of the magazines I was just not reading. And I did it because I'd rather spend my evening magazine reading time getting caught up on Facebook and reading  books on my Kindle.

You wouldn't know we've cut back based on this picture, would you? That was my thought the other day. There are magazines that Terry enjoys getting, and I certainly don't begrudge her that. We get publications from the charities to which we contribute. A few magazines are still coming which we'll allow to  lapse when the subscription is due.

So it looks as if print will be around our house for a while. Even after I get my HP TouchPad, which will be out, I hope, this summer.

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