hearing aid annoyances

When I first got my hearing aid I got a couple of month's worth of batteries from the clinic. When I needed more I went to my favorite source for most anything, Amazon. There was a variety of brands to choose from, but based on the reviews I selected Rayovac. That was a good choice. The battery would last six or six-and-a-half days, beep at me and then go out. I could deal with that.

I had about ten month's worth of batteries, and when it came time to get more I went back to Amazon. It appeared that Rayovac was replacing that particular battery with a different, allegedly more eco-friendly, model. The new battery's reviews were not stellar. I looked around, read reviews, and selected Duracell. After all, in my experience they're the bast when it comes to those ubiquitous Alkaline AA and AAA batteries.

With the Duracell I get five or so days. Then it beeps at me but keeps going. Beeps at me again and keeps going. And on. I haven't tried to see how long it will actually go before being completely drained. The beeping would make me batty.

Next time: a different brand.

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