ruled by our hopes

If you are a friend on Facebook you know that I've been quoting from The Scandalous Gospel of Jesus by Peter Gomes. There's so much great stuff in there.

This passage really spoke to me in light of all the unrelenting negative news out there in the world.

  I am convinced that not only will there always be outer turmoil, but inner peace will
always be compromised until we recognize and affirm that we cannot be ruled by our fears
but only by our hopes. Inner strength comes from the sure conviction that God
has placed us in the world to do the work of life, and not of death.

This fits in very well with Fr. Phil's Easter sermon where he said that we don't have to take the Resurrection as a literal, repeatable scientific fact. Rather, we can look at it through the perspective of having a positive outlook for the future. He said that much of the Bible is written from the perspective of a utopian vision ("The wolf and the lamb shall feed together, the lion shall eat straw like the ox…" —Isaiah 65:25). He said there's nothing wrong with that. That it's a good thing to look to a positive future.

Happy season of Easter 2011!

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