and now for something completely different

I had been composing in my mind a blog entry on work ennui, but hadn't yet put fingers to keyboard.

Then last Wednesday I had a call with my manager and her manager. They told me that there was a big reorganization happening and I was being given a new job. The work will be very different from what I've been doing the past almost ten years and will involve program management, which I enjoy. Then, on Friday my manager told our team that those of us affected would actually be part of an entirely new organization. Wow!

I found out on Monday that my old manager, whom I lost in January, will be my new manager, at least for now. That is good news.

The thought crossed my mind last week that those of us moving to the new organization were being caught up in the rapture while those staying in the old organization were those left behind. But then, it could be exactly the other way around and those in the old organization are the ones caught up in the rapture. Besides, premillennial dispensationalism is bad theology. It only really came into existence in the nineteenth century. There is no real Biblical basis for it, and no basis in the beliefs and practices of the early church. So enough of that.

In any case, this will be something new and different. I'm looking forward to it. So much for work ennui, at least for now.

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