You Have Come to the Lakeshore

Back in 2007 I wrote about the song "You Have Come to the Lakeshore" and asked that if anyone knew of a recording of it to please let me know. I never got any responses. Until last Sunday. The person commenting, one Debi, must have found my entry while googling the song. She suggested I check YouTube. Sure enough, there are several versions there. Here's one of them, which I share not necessarily because it is the best, but because it includes the lyrics.

The attribution of the composer at the beginning is somewhat mangled. The copyright is by Cesáreo Gabaráin in 1979, but there seems to be some question as to whether it is really his work. In any case it is a beautiful song, and I love the message.


2 Comments on “You Have Come to the Lakeshore”

  1. Tahoe Mom says:

    If you want a copy of it, check the out The Chalice Hymnal (Christian Church, Disciples of Christ) – we sang this all the time back in my VA church.

  2. MikeC says:

    Tahoe Mom,
    In fact I have it in “With One Voice” from my Lutheran days. What I haven’t been able to find is an .mp3 or CD version. Just checked iTunes again, and all that came up was an instrumental version. Would love to have a vocal version for my iPod.

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