Emmaus 2011

We're in Lectionary Year A, and Matthew can be harsh, big time. But one of the oddities of the lectionary as delivered to us by the "lectionary elves" (I love that term!) is that the one time in the three year cycle we get the Emmaus story from Luke on Sunday morning is Easter 3, Year A, the year of Matthew.

It's my favorite Gospel story, and I love the way it describes how Christ can be there with us. It was such a delight to hear it read yesterday morning.

New insight for me this year, courtesy of Father Phil. In this passage Christ is revealed in the Word (as they walked along the road) and in the Meal (as he broke the bread after they reached the village), just as He was revealed in the Word and in the Meal in the life of the early church, and just as he is in our liturgical worship today.

Here's to Emmaus, once again.

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2 Comments on “Emmaus 2011”

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