recipe ennui

I was going to call this entry "cooking ennui," but it really isn't that. I still love getting into the kitchen, putting on the apron, and rolling up my sleeves. If I think of something to cook, or Terry asks for something, or an improvisation pops into my mind, I'm totally there.

What I can't get into is pulling out the netbook and finding a recipe to follow. Or getting all those backlogged recipes into the netbook. My backlog is actually worse than it was in January.

I'm not going to stress about it. Perhaps the great food on our Alaska trip will get me back into the recipe thing.

One Comment on “recipe ennui”

  1. Tahoe Mom says:

    I “quit cooking” after about 30 years of marriage. Finally one of my daughters said, “mom, you are good cook. Your problem is thinking up What to cook.” And she was and is right. If someone else gives me an idea, I am very willing to get in the kitchen and play. It’s just continuing to think What after all these years — and I still have the problem, especially for just ordinary, weekly meals. *sigh*

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