the victory of marriage equality marriage in New York

There was great celebration among my Facebook friends last week when the New York state legislature approved marriage equality. It's so embarrassing that here in California we are still slogging through the Proposition 8 court battle.

Over at my Yahoo! pressure cooker recipes group, the list owner, who just turned 60, and who has been with his same-sex significant other for nearly thirty years, is ecstatic. They plan on a wedding in late July, shortly after the law goes into effect.

It's a delight to see so many people so happy and it is indeed cause to celebrate.

But work remains to be done, so let's continue to fight the good fight.

In the meantime, I commend to you Susan Russell's blog on marriage equality, and her reflections on how she has a life, not a gay life.

One Comment on “the victory of marriage equality marriage in New York”

  1. Tahoe Mom says:

    I remember a gay friend being asked about his “life”. He and his partner both worked in separate churches. He said they got up way too early when the alarm went off. Maybe had time for a cup of coffee and then usually one or both had breakfast meetings and worked all day. On the way home someone might pick up something that could be prepared in a hurry and then off one or both of them went to an evening meeting. Somewhere between 11 and midnight they would fall in bed exhausted and start all over the next day. Any of us who have worked in the church recognize that life ~ regardless of the sex of our partner. It’s simply a life.

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