Susan Russell posted this on Facebook. She put quotes around it, but didn't provide attribution. In any case, I like it. I think it speaks to feelings that many of us have.

God isn’t Monty Hall and life isn’t an episode of "Let's Make a Deal." We were not created to live
our whole lives in fear that we're going to guess wrong – pick wrong – believe wrong – and
that on the "last day" we'll end up in the Lake of Fire behind the curtain
instead of getting the keys to the kingdom in the box.

Those fears often come up when we have doubt. So this quote from Fran ties in very nicely.

Of course I have doubt. I invite her over for dinner and then I send her on her way. I've befriended her.
If I'm an artist living an artist's life, doing these things, then of course I will be visited by doubt.
If not, there would be something wrong. She's my recurring house guest.

—Edward Fiel

I think we can replace "an artist living an artist's life" with "a human being living a human being's life."

We all have doubts at times, and what we need to remember is that we are not betraying our faith. We are not being untrue to God. God doesn't get mad at us when we doubt. God knows that doubt is part of the human condition. And God's love does not falter when we doubt.

Remember that, Mike.

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