Sunday ocean time

Terry and I promised ourselves more ocean time this year. On Sunday we took ourselves up on that pledge. I skipped church and we drove over to Capitola. We planned to wander around the village of Capitola before heading DSCN0129to New Brighton State Beach. However, there was a run happening that day of which we were not aware, and with the main village parking lot having lost a third of its capacity anyway, parking was miserable. (The police department has set up quarters there in portable buildings, due to last spring's flood that damaged a number of buildings, including City Hall.)

So we headed straight to the beach. Parking was easy, and though there were plenty of people there, the beach wasn't overly crowded. A little bit of walking took us away from the worst of the crowd. Actually we did a lot of walking, all the way down to Seacliff State Beach. That's 2.49 miles according to  my Android CardioTrainer app. (More on the CardioTrainer later this week.)

A good day. A great getaway.

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