Kindle on the TouchPad

You know that I bought the HP Touchpad on July 1st, the first day it was available. And you know that I was extreTpc1mely disappointed to find that the Amazon Kindle app was just a placeholder. There was no 
app there.

You may have seen my brief mention that the app appeared in my TouchPad download manager on  Monday 18 July. I was delighted beyond anything that was probably rational.Tpc2

Officially it is still in beta, but it is nonetheless quite nifty and very usable. Based on the comments made to online stories  announcing its arrival, it is, apparently, very similar to the iPad Kindle. I love that the book covers appear in color. Presumably drawings and diagrams will be much sharper than on the actual Kindle device.

You can read a book in portrait mode, which gives you one page at a time, or you can read in landscape mode, which gives you two pages side-by-side. That's actually a very nice way to read, even though the amount of text you get is the same either way.

By default the controls don't display, but all you have to do to get them to show up is to tap at the  bottom of the screen in the center.

Tpc4 Tpc3

At this stage in the beta process, not all of the features of the physical Kindle are there. You can't look up the definition of a word. And although I can create notes and highlights, I can't figure out how to access them for use elsewhere. As in this blog, for example. In my 2nd generation Kindle device there is a file called MyClippings.txt which I can copy to my PC when the Kindle is connected to it. My 2nd gen Kindle also lets me share a passage on Facebook, a feature that is not yet on the TouchPad. I hope that  will be added by the time we get to the full production version.

Overall, however, I am very pleased with my TouchPad Kindle app, and I know it will only get better by the time it exits the beta phase. Both my old 2nd gen Kindle and Angry Birds on my TouchPad are, I am afraid, going to experience some serious neglect.

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