dealing with the crucible

My new job is stressful. Within my organization I have multiple constituencies which have differing agendas and want different and often conflicting things. I must also deal cross-organizationally with a another group of people who have a different agenda and wants. I co-own the strategy and roadmap with a woman in the other organization who bites the heads off of nails for breakfast. It is, as my predecessor in the position told me, a crucible.

Which means I need to keep up with my exercise to deal with the stress. I love it when the weather is temperate enough for me to walk outside, rather than do the treadmill inside. I have found a cool tool to help CardioTrainer motivate me. It's the CardioTrainer for my Android phone.

The CardioTrainer maps my walk using GPS, records my distance, minimum speed, maximum speed, elevation change and a few other things too. A man with a very pleasant British accent gives me updates every three minutes. I love it. At the end of the work day, I put on my iPod, start my workout, and get out there.

Really helps me deal with the crucible.

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