let it be

Following up on yesterday's reflection, it occurred to me that one way to practice looking for God’s presence is to "let it be."

A few years ago I mentioned here how Anne Lamott wrote that she would wear a pendant of the Virgin Mary, even though she is a Protestant who attends a predominately African-American Presbyterian church. Doing so reminds her to "let it be."

If you know the music of the Beatles you understand how she gets from point A to point B. (Yes, I know Paul McCartney was really referring to his own mother who was named Mary, but that's not the association that's made in popular culture.)

I'm glad I saw Rose is Rose on Sunday to remind me of this. Something I can really use right now. Remembering to let it be.


2 Comments on “let it be”

  1. […] have not been doing a very good job of letting things be at work. I have let the politics and the conflicting agendas and all the catch-22’s I’m faced […]

  2. […] time ago I quoted Anne Lamott from one of her books, where she said that she wore a pendant of the Virgin Mary to remind her to let it […]

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