what I’m doing

So what am I doing to keep my middle-aged brain active?

A few things.

When I do my walking I listen to lectures from The Great Courses. Now it's easy to slip into something comfortable in the area of history or religion, but right now I'm stretching my mind by listening to a history of science in the twentieth century. And it does stretch my mind because the first part, at least, focuses heavily on physics.

Then I've started doing crosswords again. HP recently lowered the price of its TouchPad, and for those of us early adopters who paid full price, they gave us a $50 app credit. Happy to take that! Normally I wouldn't spend $9.99 for an app, but under the circumstances I downloaded a crossword app which provides new crosswords from various sources every day. Cool! One wouldn't think there's be such a variation in difficulty from one author to another, but that is definitely the case.

And I've gone pack to Pogo and revisited Word Whomp, where you whack gophers holding different letters in order to spell words. I've added a bookmark to the Web Browser on my TouchPad.

All little things to keep those synapses firing.

2 Comments on “what I’m doing”

  1. You are a very wise man!

  2. Boston Pobble says:

    Try doing things with your nondominant hand, as well. It’s messy but amazing.

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