what prayer does

I've been reading the blog of the Velveteen Rabbi, Rachel Barenblat, for several years now. I've always enjoyed it, but never looked at it as a source for my book selections. But Rachel surprised me last week.

She wrote about the new book by Kate Braestrup, Beginner's Grace.

Braestrup says:

I had thought that conquering the monkey mind and bringing myself into a conscious attentiveness were
prerequisites for prayer, but they are not: they are prayer's result. If I was restless,
dubious, and distracted whenever I'd try to pray, so what? Everyone is!

Rachel goes on to quote Braestrup:

…what prayer, at its best and at our best, has always done — is help us to live consciously, honorably, and compassionately.

I love it! I've downloaded the sample to my Kindle and am looking forward to reading the book.

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