I tried to be a loyal employee. I didn't buy an iPad. I waited for the HP TouchPad. And I bought it full price, not wanting to wait for the employee discount by mail order, and not knowing the price would drop by $100 less than a month later. Terry even got me a cover for it for my birthday.

Then last Thursday, less than a week after getting the cover, HP announced its third quarter results and hit us with this news: they're walking away from the business. So I go iPad route and have a very expensive doorstop.

So much for loyalty.

2 Comments on “jilted”

  1. That is so wrong! Arggghhhh…. I am so sorry to hear this.

  2. […] soon as it was available. It was nice, but was a beta and was missing a number of features. When HP discontinued the TouchPad I bought my iPad 2, which I […]

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