After getting past the anger and betrayal (scaled back to a level appropriate to the particular situation) of HP's early exit from the TouchPad business, I went out and bought an iPad.

There's a reason why it is dominant in the marketplace. Easy to use. Lots of apps.

I will say that I liked the TouchPad's "card" model of keeping all open apps available, but the iPad keeps apps in the state in which you left them, which is almost as good. The TouchPad would print to any printer on your wireless router, while the iPad requires a printer using the AirPrint protocol. Annoying.

There is no Facebook app (only for the iPhone) but the TouchPad Facebook app for some reason ignored some of my favorite friends, so I'm happy following Facebook from the Safari Web browser.

Speaking of the Safari Web browser, it supports Amazon's JavaScript menus when the TouchPad browser did not.

And there are apps, apps, apps. I have my lectionary app, my Episcopal calendar app, the New York Times, USA Today, San Francisco Chronicle, and San Jose Mercury News. I have the Merriam Webster dictionary, a text editor, and of course my news reader app to sync with Google Reader. I have a crossword app and TED videos app.

And, of course, the Kindle app, fully functional, unlike the TouchPad. (Except, of course, for the buy from app function, turned off due to Amazon's tiff with Apple over the stiff cut that Apple demands for purchases made that way.)

I'm pleased.

Terry has taken over my TouchPad and is hooked on Angry Birds. So it may take longer than I thought for the TouchPad to achieve doorstop status.

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