I recently rejoined the gym. I've mentioned that in passing here, and once on Facebook, but I haven't really talked about it.

I dropped our membership when we weren't really using it, but rather mostly using the treadmill at home. Terry later decided to rejoin herself, while I stuck with the treadmill. But Terry is training for the Susan G. Komen 3-day walk (contributions accepted!) and weather doesn't always permit her (or me) to walk outside. That means she's on the treadmill. The gym is kind of cranky about too much time spent on a single machine, so it made sense for me to be at the gym and Terry use the treadmill here. We added me to her membership.

That's good. It means that I can use the elliptical as well, which is a different kind of exercise. And maybe even get some instruction in weight training, which my doctor keeps telling me I need to add to my routine.

So, really, it's a good thing all around.

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