My Motorola Devour sort-of Android phone has been behaving badly of late. Some apps, like Facebook, keep blowing up on me. Add to that the fact that some apps, such as the New York Times and the Merriam Webster Dictionary, won't run on it at all, and I'm interested in upgrading.

So I went to my local Verizon store on a vacation day when I didn't need to be anywhere anytime soon. (You know what it's like going to your friendly, local wireless phone store.) I'm not due for a new phone until November, but I thought they could do something for me. They couldn't. At the time I was annoyed, but now that I'm an iPad owner, I'm thinking that that is a good thing.

My intent was to buy a proper Android phone, but I really didn't see anything that impressed me. Now, however, my thought is I'll get an iPhone. Might as well keep everything in sync, right? Add to that the fact that USA Today says that the iPhone 4 is due out in October. So I can get a fancy, cool new iPhone 4, or an iPhone 3 for a much lower price.

And I think I'll order over the Web. I have better uses for my time than sitting in the Verizon store waiting for my turn.

One Comment on “iPhone”

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