Sacred Music Friday: “Recordare” from “Requiem”

W.A. Mozart “Requiem” K 626. Coro del Conservatorio di Parma, Orchestra dei Ducati. Courtesy of Jane Redmont.

yes, we experience that, no we don’t think that

cherish and release

Rosh Hashanah began today at sundown, and I wanted to take a moment to make note of the fact. You know that my first wife was Jewish, you know that we attended Friday evening services in Oklahoma City for a while, and you know that here in California we would frequently make Shabbos at home on Friday night. You know that today I am proud, happy, and delighted to be an Episcopalian, but my personal theology is much more in line with that of modern Judaism than it is Trinitarian Christianity.

I paid attention then, when Rachel Barenblat, the Velveteen Rabbi, reported on the message she sent to her congregation:

I’d like to invite each of us to cherish the memories which bring us joy, and to release the memories which bring us pain. To let go of the vision of what we imagined these holidays would be, and embrace instead whatever they actually are.

I want to bless you that you might find the connections, the insights, and the spiritual richness you need, in whatever your experience of the Days of Awe may be.

That is so meaningful and appropriate now, especially for those in the tradition. But it occurred to me that these words apply equally well to Advent. I’m going to remember them come November 27.

language curmudgeon: September edition

“Ask” as a noun. For example:

“The ask is that an engineer on your team be available to consult on this project.”

Fingernails on the chalkboard.

no asterisk

During the confession yesterday, I realized that it has no asterisks.

We have not loved you with our whole heart;
we have not loved our neighbors as ourselves*.

* neighbors that really annoy you can be exempted

It’s not there. Darn.

hello from WordPress

Welcome to my new blog home on WordPress. Please update your news feeds and bookmarks.

Why the move? I switched from Blogger to TypePad several years ago when Blogger was undergoing a lot of instability. Generally I’ve been happy with TypePad, but the owner, Six Apart, was sold some months back. I’m not terribly confident in the new owner’s commitment to the blogging part of the business. I haven’t seen any updates to the system in several months, and technical support just isn’t what it used to be. In general, it’s simply no longer worth the money I’m paying them. WordPress has its premium features, but it looks to me as if you can get by just fine with what’s free.

So I look forward to hanging out with you over here at WordPress.

Sacred Music Friday: The Beatitudes

Ecclesium singing Philip Stopford's setting of The Beatitudes, courtesy of Unapologetically Episcopalian.