Cambria notes

Whitewater Inn, Cambria, CA

Some random thoughts:

  • Gray Monday and all day Tuesday. Sun came out after 10:00 this morning.
  • Lots of people here for a mid-October midweek. Not packed, but lots of people.
  • The Whitewater Inn and Cambria are very familiar feel like home. It’s been three years since our last visit: October 2008. Feels that way nonetheless.
  • Intestines decided to clean out this morning. That happens when you finally give yourself a chance to relax. Sorry. TMI.
  • Phone in the room rang at 8:00 a.m. this morning, causing a brief panic. Must have been a misdialed number. No voicemail on home phone, Terry’s cell, or mine. Besides, there’s not even anyone at the front desk to route a call to our room a that hour. Someone misdialing room-to-room, I suppose.
  • Couple on the boardwalk feeding peanuts to the ground squirrels and birds and then leaving the shells. It took every bit of self-restraint I had in me not to say something. Unfortunately rangers are sparse to nonexistent on this stretch of coast parkland. Terry said she could feel me fuming.
  • I love the local shopkeepers. The fellow at the local wine shop yesterday was totally irreverent but knew his wines well. The woman at the tea shop today was pleasant and friendly. Judging by the pictures on the wall, she is a big fan Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, popularly but incorrectly called Princess Kate. She (the tea shop proprietor, not Princess Kate) served us a marvelous homemade creamy lentil soup and introduced us to two new teas: Irish Blend and Scottish Blend. We bought a box to the latter, a strong, hearty blend,  to enjoy at home on a cold, slow-paced Saturday morning.

We always love coming to Cambria.

2 Comments on “Cambria notes”

  1. I think having a place like Cambria would be lovely. For as much traveling as Lithus and I do, we have never once taken a vacation together, let alone been back to a place often enough for it to feel like home.

  2. […] week I dispatched some notes from Cambria. I mentioned an intestinal upset to which I devoted very little space in relation to […]

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