My brother loves to give me a hard time. He’s the younger one, and I think it’s just genetic.

When we were down visiting him, my sister-in-law and my dad, I pulled out my not-so-smart almost Android phone to take a quick look at Facebook updates and he immediately began to harass me. He said that he had promised that he would not give be a bad time this trip (my sister-in-law agreed that he had so pledged), but my action put an end to that promise. He then gave me a verbal hand slap every time I reached for my phone after that.

My brother is not a technophobe, but he rarely uses email outside of work and his cell phone is strictly for voice communication. He said that his belief was why use email or text messaging when you could talk. Which would be fine, except that he often does not return my phone calls, and when he does he tends to leave a voicemail on my cell phone, even though I keep trying to explain that my cell phone isn’t on unless I am out and about. If I’m home, it’s off.

But that’s my brother. I suspect that if I had never pulled out my cell phone he would have found another reason to abandon his pledge not to give me a hard time. But I really can’t blame him. It’s got to be genetic.

One Comment on “siblings”

  1. Val says:

    I think that’s what little brothers do, Mike-

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