avoiding Advent snobbery

We were talking about information overload long before Facebook and RSS Feeds. You know what it’s like now. I have all of my thoughtful and literate Episcopal, Catholic, Unitarian, Quaker, and more Facebook friends who provide links to intelligent and thought-provoking blogs and essays. Then there’s the blogs I read directly with my RSS Reader. Unless I make a note of something of interest when I see it chances of finding it later are small.

Such was the case with a blog I saw earlier this week. The writer had a number of suggestions about how to make Advent more meaningful. Most were in line with the Advent ideal of preparation, but one caught me by surprise. He said pull out your collection of Christmas music early, listen to it, and add to it each year.

That set off my Advent snob alarm. “You’re not supposed to do that!” But, as my spiritual director once reminded me, I am not the Advent police. (And Fr. Phil had plenty to say about the Advent police yesterday.)

And really, why not do that? If it helps put us into the spirit of the season and prepare for the returning of the Light, why shouldn’t we?

What I’ve decided to work on this year: stop being an Advent snob.

One Comment on “avoiding Advent snobbery”

  1. Tahoe Mom says:

    Bless you, Mike! The other side of the coin is the man who complained Bitterly to our pastor that we hadn’t sung carols on the first Sunday of Advent one year. *sigh* You remind me to try to avoid being a snob at all ~ oh, dear. Need to work on that one.

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