television on Olive Street

An Olive Street recollection.

On Olive street I had a small portable black and white television. For context, we’d had color television at home since about the time I was in the sixth grade. It didn’t get used an awful lot. I spent a lot of time reading and I used my Sears credit card to buy a stereo with a turntable, cassette, and 8-track. I played a lot of vinyl and listened to the soft rock station, Stereo 93, KNX-FM.

As for the TV, though, there was no cable and what I got was what could be gotten over the air via rabbit ears, which in Claremont was all of the Los Angeles stations. So the PBS station, channel 28, got it’s fair share of viewing. Then there were the guilty pleasures. Alison and I were hooked on Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman and Saturday Night Live. No VCRs then, so you watched when something came on or you missed it. Of course both of those shows were late night viewing, but somehow we managed to watch them, get Alison back to her dorm room at Scripps College, and I still got to work on time the next day.

It didn’t seem so then, but a simpler time it was.

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