getting organized

Terry and I use a lot of spices in our cooking. We love our spices, so when we did our kitchen remodel one of the items on the top of the list was a built-in spice rack. It came out exactly the way we wanted, and it gets lots of regular use, as you can imagine.

Yet for all those spices in our built-in rack, we still have a lot of overflow in the kitchen cabinet. A lot of that is small jars, thanks in large part to the samples we get with virtually every order from Penzeys Spices. The lack of organization has been mildly annoying ever since our kitchen remodel, and last weekend I decided to do something about it.

I thought I would just get a lazy Susan, but Terry told me that there was a spice rack that had pull-out drawers which looked like it would organize things very nicely. We looked it up on the Bed Bath & Beyond Web site and it was right there: the Spice Stack. I went over to our local BBY (as we call it) and they had them in stock. In comparing it with the other spice racks in the store, it looked to me like the right item for the job. I brought it home and in no time I had made order out of chaos.

I love it when a simple solution provides so much benefit.

One Comment on “getting organized”

  1. Tahoe Mom says:

    We call them Lazy Janes in our house. 😀

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