different perspectives

Flying the American flag upside down has always been an a sign of distress or emergency. When I was in college in the 1970’s classmates would put flag stamps on their mail upside down as protest of the Nixon administration’s activities in Vietnam and its policies domestically.

Some weeks ago our local hometown newspaper ran a front page story about a guy who was flying his flag upside down because he believed we were losing our fundamental rights. And when did he do that? After all of the rights violations of the Bush II administration? After Obama signed the defense spending bill that also allowed the indefinite incarceration of Americans suspected of terrorist activities? In the light of thousands of Americans unemployed, underemployed, or losing their homes to foreclosure? No. He did it after the passage of the Obama health care bill. I chose not to read the entire article. I knew I would just get mad.

Providing universal healthcare is a bad thing that violates our fundamental rights? The United Sates is, after all, the only major industrialized country in the world that doesn’t provide some kind of universal healthcare. To me there many more fundamental threats to our rights than ensuring everyone has access to healthcare.

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