I’m not changing my mind

It’s been about a year since we switched from DirecTV to our local cable company. We did so because our Verizon DSL was horribly slow and we knew that to get Internet without television from Charter we’d have to pay a ridiculous premium, and that the only logical course was to sign up with them for both TV and Internet.

The annoying thing is that I’m still hearing from DirecTV. I’m not changing my mind, guys.

Then there’s SiriusXM radio. I had a home receive and a car receiver, but when my annual renewal came up I realized that the home receiver and Internet access were redundant and the home receiver was an unnecessary expense. So I dropped the home receiver, and kept my car receiver and Internet access. Now I’m getting those “we want you back” emails. Well first of all, you haven’t turned off my home receiver, and second, my Internet access is working fine.

I know these companies are in the business of making money and maximizing profit, but really, it does get a little (a lot actually) annoying after a while.

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