supporting the local merchant

Earlier this month I wrote about how we were delighted that our favorite fish monger was back in business working out of a small local market. While I mentioned in passing Rocca’s Market was a third-generation family business, I really gave it short shrift.

The place is run by two brothers, one of whom handles the meat department and the other the rest of the store. They have an old-fashioned full-service meat counter with a variety of quality meats, a complete produce department, and a fine selection of wines, including many from local wineries. There is a good selection of everyday grocery items as well. There are no bar code scanners. The butcher writes the cost of the meat or fish on the wrapper, and grocery items actually have price tags. Not something you see much of anymore

We’ve decided that it only makes sense to give them the bulk of our meat business and a portion of our wine business as well.

It’s good to be able to support our local merchants. They’re a disappearing breed and we want to do our part to keep them going.

2 Comments on “supporting the local merchant”

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  2. […] wrote about our local Rocca’s Market, and how we were delighted that our favorite purveyor of seafood had resurfaced there. Since I […]

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