Sacred Music Friday: Make Me a Channel

Westminster Abbey Choir, from Princess Diana’s funeral in 1997

we change and evolve

Thank you to Diana Butler Bass for this. It’s is good to be reminded that our changing and evolving thoughts, perspectives, and beliefs are an integral part of our spiritual unfoldment.

Saw some folks last night who I knew 30 years ago. Although only a brief reunion, it reminded me that people whose hearts pant for God do not stay in the same place for long–we follow the stream of the spirit wherever it flows. And for that, thanks be to God.

who said that? (and when?)

It would disturb me if there was a wedding between religious fundamentalists and the political right. The hard right has no interest in religion except to manipulate it.

—Billy Graham, 1981, courtesy of Susan Russell

that’s for sure!


I caught a fragment of an interview with this author on NPR as I was in and out of my car one day. I was able to track down the interview, the author, and the book. (Thank you to the NPR Web site!) A valuable book, and so much of what I need to hear and internalize right now.

Patience: The Art of Peaceful Living by Allan Lokos

If we are unhappy about a situation that can be changed, then we should do something to change it. However, if the situation cannot be changed, why waste time, effort, and energy being unhappy about it? Meditation teacher and author Sharon Salzberg puts it this way: “Impatience is feeling upset because things are not happening on our timetable, or wanting to be more in control of a process so that we can have something happen the way we’d like to see it happen. It’s stepping out of a process in order to fret because something is not happening the way we would like to see it happen.”

Sacred Music Friday: God is All There Is

God is All There Is, from The Choral Project, founded by Daniel Hughes.


Courtesy of PeaceBang, some months back:

You know how when dogs or cats are uncertain what to do,
they lift up their right paw and just stand there?
Wouldn’t that be great if we could just do that, too?
It would communicate so much.


I’m not exactly thrilled with my job right now, as you know. And I hate travelling for work. But sometimes I need to. In fact, as you read this, if all goes according to plan and the good Lord willing and the creek don’t rise, I’ll be in Houston. Not my idea of a fun time. But the tradeoff of doing two 90 minute training sessions is that I’m out-of-pocket and away from those maddening conference calls for three days.

Now that part ain’t so bad.

…and I say hello

I wrote a while back about the loss of our local fish market, Poppy’s, and the lack of fresh fish available locally. Well guess what? Poppy’s owner Mike is back, teaming up with the third-generation owners of the local Rocca’s Market. He’s there in their meat department providing us with fresh fish three or four days a week. Hooray!

Welcome back, Mike! We’ll be seeing you on a regular basis.

you say goodbye…

Newspapers know that they tinker with the comics page at their peril. Readers are serious about their comics and protective of their favorites. But sometimes the matter is taken out of the hands of the papers. Such was the case with The Elderberries, originated by Phil Frank, and passed on to Corey Pandolph when Phil was no longer able to continue with the strip. Cory decided to move on to other things, and the last strip was yesterday. I’m sad. The Elderberries, the story of life in a retirement community, gave me as big of a laugh as anything on the comics page.

I will miss it.