starting small

My Lenten reading has included a wonderful series on the Psalms by Barbara Crafton, presented by the good folks over at Spirituality and Practice. I loved this comment, which I know to be true, but tend to forget. Nice, too, because it reinforces what I’ve been reading in Patience: The Art of Peaceful Living:

In spiritual direction, I often recommend against taking on too much in the way of new spiritual practice; it’s better to start small and grow than it is to start big and shrink. I know this because I have bitten off more than I could chew so many times, and then been discouraged when I fell short. Most spiritual growth is incremental, not sudden. Most of it happens bit by bit, over time.

2 Comments on “starting small”

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Mike, thanks for posting this. I went on to Amazon Kindle and read the introduction of the book on patience. It relates very closely to my Lenten resolution. Now it’s time to buy the book. Have a wonderful Easter weekend!

  2. Tahoe Mom says:

    Thank you again. This is how I have felt about having Hildegard of Bingen as my mentor this year. I haven’t pushed myself to be disciplined to every day. I read her when I read her and reflect then. Slowly, patiently this has become a Wonderful spiritual journey for me.

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