boogie bands and one night stands

My senior year at Pitzer College, 1974-75, I rented a room off campus in a house on North College Avenue. I had my own entrance in the back of the house. I had a marvelous, huge, antique worktable-desk, a large armchair of similar vintage, a hot plate and broiler oven. I provided my own mini-fridge. I had a portable (probably 19-inch) black and white television on which I watched the PBS station, channel 28, and Dick Cavett on ABC channel 7. Over the air with rabbit ears, mind you. I was finishing my classes for my major in classics, getting ready for my comprehensive exams, and working in the dining hall for Saga Food Service.

On the radio, on Stereo 93 KNX-FM, I was listening to Kathy Dalton.

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